As excited about music as Carl Sagan about the cosmos since birth!  Self Group is a masterful DIY record label founded on February 19th 2010 in Portland, OR by multi-instrumentalist and producer Krist Krueger exclusively releasing records related to said founder… founder.  Initially the company merged all of Krueger’s prior music industry-related businesses including Flyer Team (event marketing, materials distribution, design and project development, 2005-2010) and The Crow Agency (North American booking agency, 2003-2010) and branched out even further to become a publicity agency in addition.
With all of that time invested in other people’s amazing projects, little time was left to focus on Krueger’s art.  So a necessary decision arose, art versus business, in a manner of speaking.  Art won hands down, a first round knockout.  Lone straw raising the cup?  Not so much.  DIY is never really fully DIY.  There is an amazing crew of people who participate in making all of this happen (see list below) not to mention the amazing fellow musicians who help create the music for the releases themselves.  Heigh ho.


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